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    There was a recent thread that I think got deleted regarding patent(s). The subject thread was related to the countdown to the expiration of the RED file patent expiration. RED Mods shouldn't be so sensitive to thread discussions. The value of the thread will work itself out properly. RED generally stands on high ground with product value. Jim Jannard, the founder, has good experience in protecting intellectual property. RED has had occasional errors in judgement., particularly in warranty and product EOL products are the soft spot of the discussion. RED is still young and learning. The value of RED products should have allowed most product owners to have recovered ROI. So no one should be completely bent out of shape.

    Patent discussion can interrupt the feel-good discussion of any company's mission statement (the feel-good) This is where boys and girls have to grow up. RED is a mature company in the market space. No room for being naive.

    I am responding particularly, to the original post of a count down the clock of the RED expiration date on REDCODE. To the original poster, I think the word you are looking for is GONADS OR GO HOME.

    Patents are legal instruments intended to encourage innovation by providing a limited monopoly to the inventor. The underlying assumption is that innovation is encouraged because an inventor can secure exclusive rights, and therefore a higher probability of financial rewards in the market place. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, for the sum of 30 years, so I understand its value as it allows the monopoly of the patent in the market allows the owner to recover the huge expenses invested in the research and development phase and move on and finance the next project.

    The aforementioned is that the guy (RED), gonads, balls to the wall, hate or love 'em. [RED} It's about being relevant in the industry.

    No one has to stand down. Every positive or negative media comment works in RED's favor. As a company, they are relevant to their participation in the industry.

    RED is revalent, now and for the forseeable future, until they stop innovating. Again, hate 'em or love em.
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    "RED Mods shouldn't be so sensitive to thread discussions."

    If you can call it a discussion.

    IIRC, that thread was nothing but a direct link to another page -- seemed pretty spammy to me personally. Plenty of healthy discussion going around in other threads regarding patents and stuff. Not only that, but the poster also dropped a link to that thread in another thread with no added commentary either. Also pretty spammy. A link to a countdown timer is not a discussion.
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    Friendly mod here. If there's a topic, specifically currently active surrounding a specific topic, we try to cut down on duplicated content. More or less to keep the conversation flowing rather than have 5 or 6 different topics that people have to dig around through.

    If you feel the link to a countdown timer is "worthy conversation", just reply to whatever is currently active regarding the subject matter.

    Not really a sensitive thing at all in this case. You should see the duplicate thread organization we have to deal with when there's real news around trade shows or major product announcements.

    Yeah, basically if you're just sharing a link, just reply to the thread in this case.
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