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    As brought up over the years and now the very apparent rapidly developing streaming landscape as of Fall 2019 through Spring 2020, I'm curious to how you all are feeling about the the current and upcoming streaming services.

    Namely the major players thus far:
    - Netflix
    - Disney+
    - Apple TV+
    - Amazon Prime Video
    - Hulu
    - YouTube TV
    - HBO max
    - Peacock

    There are smaller services and even a few more coming, which I'll likely add into the mix of this discussion. And Live Content should be part of this discussion as well as a few offer that as part of their packages already and perhaps including newer platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Live, and YouTube should be in there as well.

    We'll have to keep this civil as a few of us have been or are currently involved with several of these companies.

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the content, the general service, the implementation of the app, and general things you enjoy or not. This is the highest profile emerging market for motion picture production and it continues to grow. I do feel consolidation will take place down the line, similarly to some of the combo offers already seen.

    Personally, I think the most notable thing for us and consumers on the technology front is the push for UHD 4K as well as HDR content, where streaming is experiencing a higher rate of adoption to newer technologies quicker than say a theatrical experience. I should also highlight quality sound in there. I understand why currently some bandwidth limitations are in there, but I'd personally like to see slightly higher bandwidth for streaming UHD 4K and eventually UHD 8K content when that is more widely supported.

    I know from my personal and professional experiences with a few "streaming studios" listed here that the focus is generally on the quality of the content in every regard when it comes to producing new original works. From story, to capture, to delivery. That's something I can appreciate on a professional and viewer perspective.

    But what are your thoughts?
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    My hope is that these streaming services save the independent or small "theatrical" type features. Right now the only real game in town is either episodic or short series.

    I still like watching unique stories within a two hour window. Otherwise, there's plenty of entertaining content for free on youtube etc. which only diminishes, respectfully, the ability to fund smaller projects.
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    From an end-user standpoint, video downloads are a must-have for me. The SOCs powering the hardware in players, TV's, tablets, etc. are not improving their streaming performance in any real way - unlike their phone counterparts - and backing them with paltry amounts of RAM - 1-3GB - and using low-end WiFi chips - Ethernet has been dropped from many TVs and players, while USB-Ethernet support has been locked out on many tablets - isn't making it any easier for streaming users, especially when you have multiple users streaming simultaneously via wireless networks. In the case of mobile devices, the displays suck up a lot of power and streaming sucks even more out of the battery life, so I prefer to download on Wi-Fi when I'm charging or can use a charger and watch it later. I have a USB-C adapter for my Samsung phone that allows me to connect Ethernet, power, HDMI, and USB storage, so I can use my phone as a media player when I go to my farm or anywhere else where I have a large TV and no broadband Internet. Unfortunately, Amazon dropped USB-HDMI support from it's tablet OS, so I can't do the same with my Kindle Fire HD 10, which has a 1TB microSD card in it and a ton of Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu downloads.
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    For film makers I think this development will be fantastic. Lots of content that needs to be created and as long these networks fight to build client base they are willing to pay a prime for that content. Which is great and is a completely new phenomena which never really happened to the filmindustry before. Personally I hope they stay in that spirit. Its quite similar to what has been going on in the cellphone contract market. Where contractors does not care much if they bleed or not, as their focus has been all about building a bigger client base. But yes not likely it will last for any extended period of time.
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    The current state of Streaming Giants and little ones which are either owned by the Giants trough secondary acquisition, or about to, is very up much a war game right now, as every one well informed knows, but it surely will come down, there will be casualties, there already are, can't say more, but I know some here know exactly what I am talking about and if they are not under NDA's all over the place as I am they can say more.

    What's truly great for all Filmmakers worldwide is that there is a calculated 58% to 99% of Materials needed to have what they need, the 99% is of course Apple TV+ as they literally have only a Hand full of Originals, the rest fall within 58% to 75% and this means a shit load of Films, Docufilms, Series and Docuseries, and I mean a shit load that won't be filled anytime soon, as most Aggregators also will tell you, each Streamer is literally HUNTING down Materials and Creators left and right.

    Sadly they are all "Close Doors" which means you can't propose nor talk to any one direct, unless you do so via an Aggregator, you are left to deal with a Producer/Director that has already worked with the Streamer to be taken in consideration.

    The good part is that while Spec script have been literally dead for years now, well not literally but you get my point, so the only way in is to have a project already done, a Spec film, Docuseries Episode or Series Episode etc. a Pilot.

    But this is also changing and for 2020 a load of new Meetings talking Specs Scripts not even written yet is to take place, and that is great news.

    I love Netflix, best UI by far, but I need them to let every one Download their Shows, as traveling around the Globe tough me a lesson where you can't watch shit of your WiFi speed is 1MBS, and unless you can download stuff overnight you won't watch shit the next day, this was so in certain parts of Thailand and still so in Italy too, unless I can pair my cell via Hotspot.

    Amazon Prime Video has come a long way, especially so in their UI, not even close to that of Netflix, but better than before, same as Netflix, they too need to understand bandwiht limitation in still too many places around the globe and must allow downloads.

    Apple TV+, well, great UI of course and at last one that gets it, they allow Download yeah!! But they have ZERO material, well not literally zero, already watched their first Feature Documentary form a fellow Reduser btw, and a Series, well 4 episodes so far... Unlike Netflix they too do a week to week, at list for now.

    Disney + is great too, and comes with a load of materials, of course they do, given their gargantuan acquisitions, but not sure where they fit in in my list, too early to tell how they'll go about Originals which they also like Apple have none, but been the powerhouse that they are, their production power per year is huge when combined.

    By far the biggest amount of Films, Documentaries and Series that has ever been hunted for in history, ok stupid things to say, of course it is so with all this Streamers desperate for materials, what I mean to say is that Filmmakers have been handed over the largest opportunities then any other before...

    So time to produce some materials at all costs, just not short films, and need to be god. But sadly not that good, as the need for materials is so high that quality is not number one priority for several of this Streamers.

    Crazy thing is that with Movies now been financed by Streamers in the 200Million and Series in the 500Million, it's absolutely a crazy time, and contracts with Producer/Directors Independent Productions houses with deals worth up to 250Million, well Apple actually was turned down a 500Million deal so it's truly insanely great!!

    But for me as far as been a Customer...

    It's Netflix
    Amazon Prime Video
    Apple TV+

    In that order, but Amazon Prime Video only because it's included in my Prime membership, and Apple+ only because it's included free for a year since I got back to an iPhone just now after the cancellation of the Hydrogen program.

    So happy shooting and happy watching.

    Oh, and also, the numbers do talk loudly, as just Netflix is now spending more then double the budget yearly than all of the Major Hollywood Studios put together at 15Billions!

    But what the total numbers do tell is that the Film industry is now seen a total combined investment that is over 38Billions!!

    Huge numbers, and this does not include Sports & Games, as I don't care for either so I don't keep up with their numbers and developments, but they too have huge numbers of their own.

    Oh, one last thing, while this are Global players, this account only for US based Companies, but the Streamers overseas, especially in Asia, and more specifically so CHINA & INDIA, offer also a huge platform that in their own serves to half the planet's population in which Netflix and Amazon are also fighting the biggest war to gain new Subscribers, either way it goes there is a huge demand for materials there too, I have been there and ai have seen the possibilities, too bed my health doesn't allow me to stay there. But it's an open door for all of you too.

    Again, absolutely great times to be a filmmaker.
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