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    Hi REDusers,

    If any of you are interested in music documentaries, here is a film I recently completed that was over 20 years in the making. Guess where the RED is .....

    Swagger of Thieves is a heartfelt, hilarious and heartbreaking trip into the reality of the hardest-charging band of a generation. Over a decade in the making, Swagger follows rock band Head Like a Hole from the top of the charts to the bottom of a needle. Unrelentingly raw, wild and honest, to the point of being one of the most insightful music documentaries ever made.
    Staring down the age, two pals and the main guts of HLAH, frontman Nigel Booga Beazley and loyal cell-mate Nigel Regan strut the hard road out of hell, fighting to reconnect and return their band to past glory, amidst disgruntled band mates, a changed music industry, and disappointed wives.
    Struggling to place past addictions and sabotaged dreams behind them in their continuing quest for rock music relevance, the ever-collapsing binary stars of any Head Like a Hole lineup, are certain (not) to polish their legacy here. Swagger of Thieves captures what it means to be in a band with a reputation.
    Essential viewing.

    Melbourne International Documentary Film Festival (MIDFF)
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    I love a good music doc, will check this out when I get a free night!
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