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  #1 Evalake 
    For the past 15 years or so I've taken immense enjoyment in seeing the work Red users have posted here. Now it's my turn to share with you a project I've been working on. About 3 years ago I decided to learn to produce electronic music with the small goal of being able to produce music that I could enjoy listening to. This turned out to be quite a task because I found myself to be rather fussy on what I can enjoy! As I progressed with my musical journey I also began to think of visualizations to go along with the music and of course, the videos are entirely shot on Red. - Cirrus ISM shot on Gemini in LL mode @ 120fps. - Future Light Cone shot on Monstro - Caeruleum shot on Monstro

    If you're interested, the music is available here:

    Graeme - 8k Digital Cinema Camera
    Science enables stories. Stories drive science
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    Senior Member Michael Lindsay's Avatar
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    Lovey to see/hear Graeme... thanks for sharing!
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    Senior Member Tim Daust's Avatar
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    I really enjoy this music... especially when working on animation or vfx stuff. way better than the spotify playlists Ive got going. Great stuff Graeme
    Tim Daust
    Reelmind Studios
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    @TimDaust @ReelmindStudios
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    Senior Member rand thompson's Avatar
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    This reminds me of music that can be heard on " Hearts Of Space". It has that early Steve Roach/ Robert Rich sound.
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    Senior Member Bob Gundu's Avatar
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    are those Nattress plugins?

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    So many sci-fi plots running through my head right now. Beautiful work
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    Wonderful work.

    Hats off.
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    Congrats on the journey! Very cool sonic vibe!
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    You have patiently over the past 8 years endeavored to teach an old DP about color science. Our first real face to face at RSH was an hour sit down where you suggested I read some 300 page book that looked like another language to me about color science.
    So now we have you rocking the right brain. Bless you

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    Senior Member Mark Andersen's Avatar
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    I really love the sound. It’s purposeful and rich. I sent you a PM about it. Keep on keeping on in all you do.
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