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    I just got a Zeiss 55 1.4 Otus and was planning on getting the 85 and probasbly the 28. We are planning on using it on gimbals and also when there is just low light.

    However I just read a review that pointed out that Otus has "onion rings" in the bokeh, which I can see now when I look at them. It does not look great, when it does happen but it seems to not happen so often.

    I never reflected on that behaviour for video. How much a problem could that be? I know the Canon 85 1.4 does not have it, however it has chromatic abberation and is less sharp instead.

    Here is the review:

    Here is another image of the bokeh

    So basically I'm debating if I should buy more of them or not.
    What do you guys think?
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