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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiri Vrozina View Post
    I think otus is dead. What is the point o releasing 100 if they have 85? Short cut. If 100was a Macro i would understand. It is expansive for Zeiss to develop Otus and there are no sales. Companies like Sigma are killing them. For 2 years they have not come up with wides or macro. Time to move on.
    Dead after releasing an intermediate focal length seems to be a long shot there. Slow to release new glass, you bet your booty. Even the 100mm was teased nearly 2 years before it hit market.

    Otus will never be a top seller as the price is too high and it's really purely a manual focus lens. But the glass is very, very good which is why it's attractive to professionals who know how to get the most out of them. Otus is more of a prestige lineup showcasing what Zeiss does pretty well. Milvus in general will outsell it just based on the lower entry price.

    The biggest problem in the Otus development path are namely that the Zeiss Supreme Prime Project and now the Radiance line-up has interfered with their development.

    I own the Sigma primes and think they are great too, but particularly on a photographic basis the Otus still stands up very well in the face of Sigmas rather competitive pricing and performance.

    But truthfully I am filming most of the time with my Tokina Cinema Vista Primes as they have the focal lengths to flesh out a full set, most recently up to 135mm even all at T1.5. But we're talking larger lenses here.

    This is a tricky space these days because more still-minded glass, while still selling, isn't selling like hot cakes in the mid to late 2000s. Motion picture lenses have become the primary focus for many of these companies these days due to it being a growing market and people discovering ways to invest of $$,$$$ and up glass. Otus was targeted initially at the still world. Really it wasn't until people expressed interest in using them for motion where Zeiss did things like their slip focus gear ring, but at that point I already worked with Duclos Lenses for a more advanced Cine-Mod Pro for the Otus lineup, which is how my glass is equipped. And my main grip there is the focus throw of the 28mm being short, otherwise I like them as a trio on VistaVision with a wide, medium, and long lens. The 100mm is indeed close to 85mm, but if Zeiss adds a wider than 28mm prime in there, I'll certainly be making it a 5 lens set. The 55mm Otus is one of my favorite lenses ever made and it sings on VistaVision.
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    Zeiss could just slap the optics of the 21mm Supreme into an Otus housing, price it at Otus pricing, and none of us would be any the wiser. I'd be happy to be duped in that way.
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    Just got the Otuses, they seem great, ordered the focus gear for them as well. Will be fun to test them out on the gimbal.
    The Zeiss Supreme are great, but of course not exactly cheap. I also got these Otus lenses for nearly half price!
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