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    My Kowa Prominar 8-Z seems to be quite soft in comparison to others that I've seen online. I've seen/heard of a sharpness tune up that can be done to the lens.

    Does anyone know any UK based people/companies that can do this?

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    There is a tuneup you can do, look up Tito Ferradans on YouTube for more videos but here’s the direct link to his sharpness tuneup:

    I have a video of my own that I filmed but just haven’t gotten around to editing it into something yet. I’m not sure what your comparisons are but a general rule of thumb with projector anamorphics is to stop your taking lens to F4 for overall general sharpness, any faster and you’re playing a tricky game with soft images regardless of your taking lens, I find F2.8 is the most you can practically do before images are just too soft. If need be, the lens is very easy to take apart and service and do keep in mind that you may just have slightly misaligned focus but Tito’s video will tell you more. Good luck!
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