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    Wanted to see if anyone is heading out this year. Would love to meet up! If anyone is going or has a film in, drop some info below.

    I shot a feature called Scare Me which is in the Midnight category this year. Shot on Epic-W Helium with a personal set of modded Canon FDn lenses. Can't share much outside of the image below for now, but I am happy to go into any details of shooting, camera stuff, lighting, color, etc if anyone is curious. I've always learned so much from everyone on the forum so I'm happy to share anything I can.
    Brendan H. Banks
    Local 600 IATSE

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    Dude that’s awesome. Congratulations!
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    I'll be there this year. Would love to meet up for a beer. Email me at

    Mike | | 978.317.9458

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