Hey guys,

first of all i hope this is the correct subforum to put this in, i couldn`t find any topics that were a better fit.
With that being said, we are thinking about a new high-speed cam thats supposed to replace our phantom miro 320s.
The cam will be mostly used for wildlife productions, every now and then we plan to rent it to other studios, if we don`t need it for ourselves.
Among the candidates we are considering more closely are:

- Phantom Veo 4K 990
- Imaging Solutions OS10

I can`t find much information about the OS10 (aside from a few data sheets) not to mention a comparision between the two.
Do you have any information or hands on experience with the OS10 or can you recommend even other HS cams that i haven`t mentioned?
Any information or help is very much appreciated. :)