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    Why not allow (via firmware) what has just been done for the Dragon-X… on the Scarlet-W? which however has a Dragon DSMC2 sensor, logically the same as for the Dragon-X, right?…
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    Yes RED, please open up 6K for Scarlet-W.. Mathematically it's feasible. The original DSMC1 Scarlet Dragon was able to utilize the 6K area albeit 12 FPS in burst mode at 72MB/s max. The DSMC2 Scarlet-W has a bitrate of up to 170MB/s, so 6K even at 30 FPS max will be soooo GREAT! (And it will get along with Komodo more nicely).

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    It would be just a logical continuation to what has just been applied for the Dragon-X.
    And the bet is easy to imagine that this will be much appreciated by the many owners of the Scarlet-W!
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    I think they want you to upgrade to DSMC2 for $4950 then you would get Dragon-X 6K branding plus the 6k res/frame rates!
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    Yes, I know, this is the classic commercial proposition allowing physical upgrades.
    I am referring to the same approach that has just been proposed for the Dragon-X, via a firmware upgrade.
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    It might be the same situation as the Scarlet-X. We begged for it to be bumped to 24frames at 5K. The horse power was never there. RED has always done everything to milk the last bit of power out of their machines. Could be a similar type of deal that it needs just a bit more overhead to add that extra bit of resolution.
    Pretty slick of them to offer up these amazing upgrades. Good times ,again, to be a RED owner. It seems to happen again, and again, and again...
    Who knows, if time has proved anything will this company. Trust and buy early, temper expectations, and there will be amazing discoveries and upgrades along the way.
    Who knows though, everything changes.
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    +1 scarlet-w at 6k with 24fps would be amazing
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    Some previous discussion on this:
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    In this case for the body Peter is likely correct. The movement to a DSMC2 Unified body w/ that internal hardware to allow for 300MB/s plus QC passed 6K sensors allowed for the firmware upgrade path. Scarlet-W is missing the processing power to allow for 6K recording, which is why there is an actual upgrade path to those boards.
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    Back in the Scarlet X days, there was a guy here who have had a bad firmware update process, and realized his scarlet-X could actually record 5k/25p.... with dropped frames. It didn't have the horsepower.
    It may not be the same with S-W, but I suspect it is.
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