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  1. #1 LOMO 22 m F2.0/T2.5 35 OKS-3-22-1 PL upgrade. Olex Services 
    LOMO 22 mm F2.0/ T2.5 35OKS-3-22-1 Konvas-2M lens housing,

    Re-housig, PL upgrade,
    focus geared, iris control geared.
    80 mm front adapter for lens hood.
    Metal front cap with focal length engraving, thread M77 x 0.75

    Price :
    LOMO 35 OKS-3-22-1 lens 850 euros
    Service, PL upgrade, re-housing, collimating, test 850 euros
    total 1700 euros

    For sell.
    PL upgrade,
    re-housing LOMO OKS lenses.

    Olex Services.

    PL upgrade and re-housing other LOMO prime lenses.
    LOMO 50 mm F2.0/T2.3 35 OKS-1-50-6

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    Hi :)
    What year are these lenses from?
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    FYI: Olex worked on all my LOMOs. He's not just an expert in optics but also in communicating what he does with optical photo metering. VERY RELIABLE!
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