Hi. I am a Cinematographer from New Jersey. I live in northeast PA but do most of my work in Manhattan.
I have produced & been Director Of Photography on feature films as well as a major music video for one of the largest hiphop artists of all time.
I own 2 Red Gemini packages, fully kitted out, with media, shoulder rig, matte boxes, filters, tripod, and Tokina Cinema ATX Zoom lenses.
I also own a Movi Pro, as well as onboard and an external recorder, multiple wireless microphones including boom, boompole, stereo mics, handheld mic, and multiple wireless lavs.

I have been in the industry for over 12 years and believe in knowing all the rules in order to be able to bend them to best showcase your story.

I also have a large network of industry professionals that I regularly work with and can bring onto your project covering all aspects of crew, including makeup, fight choreography, etc.

For interest in hire or rentals, please contact Mark Moritz - Purple Ceiling Studios at 732-266-5619 or via email at mark@purpleceiling.com