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    Have some lomo lenses for sale, also have glasses for squarefront and roundfront anamorphic lenses, see the list below

    1. Lomo anamorphic glasses for roundfront BAS22-2, BAS23-2,BAS25-1 - 1st spherical 1400 usd,2nd spherical 1200 usd , 3rd cylindrical 1950 usd, 4th cylindrical 1950 usd, if you buy a set of glasses it will be cheaper
    2. Lomo anamorphic glasses for BAS/NAS 10-2,10-3 front cylindrical element for 900 usd
    3. Lomo anamorphic glasses for BAS/NAS 4-1, 6-1 etc (F50,F75,F80 squarefront) front cylindrical doublet for 2100 usd
    4. lomo lens OKC 1-18-1 pl mount, ff gear 1020 usd
    5. lomo lens OKC8-35-1 pl mount, ff gear 950 usd
    6. lomo lens OKC1-150-1 pl mount, ff gear 990 usd
    7. foton zoom lens 37-140 pl mount, ff gear, zoom gear 920 usd
    anamorphic glasses are new made, lenses in good condition, no scratches, no haze etc
    photos on request
    shipping not included
    items are located in Russia
    feel free to contact me
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    Can I check some pictures of the Round front and the OKC8 35 please?
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