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    When working on a project awhile back, a buddy of mine and I bought this lot of Russian cine gear. We only ended up using a few of the lenses with the intent to sell the lot when the project concluded. Now, that time is long overdue and we're looking to part ways with this gear. There's a lot here, so bear with me.

    1. Lomo 50mm f/2.0 Anamorphic Optic
    2. Lomo 75mm f/2.0 Anamorphic Optic
    3. Lomo Squarefront Anamorphic Element
    4. Lomo 18mm f/2.5 Spherical
    5. Lomo 18mm f/2.8 Spherical (OKC1-18-1)
    6. Lomo 22mm f/2.8 Spherical
    7. Lomo 28mm f/2.2 Spherical (OKC7-28-1)
    8. Lomo 28mm f/2.5 Spherical
    9. Lomo 35mm f/2.0 Spherical
    10. Lomo 35mm f/2.0 Sherical (OKC11-35-1)
    11. Lomo 50mm f/2.0 Optical Block (OKC1-50-1)
    12. Lomo 50mm f/2.0 Spherical (OKC1-50-6)
    13. Lomo 50mm f/2.0 Spherical
    14. Lomo 75mm f/2.0 Spherical (OKC1-75-1)
    15. Lomo 75mm f/2.0 Spherical (OKC6-75-1)
    16. Lomo 75mm f/2.0 Spherical (OKC6-75-1)
    17. Jupiter 135mm f/4.0 Spherical
    18. Jupiter 135mm f/4.0 Spherical
    19. Unlabeled 37-140mm f/3.5 SPH

    1. Konvas 1M (A Cam, Physical Condition: VG): Konvas 1M Camera Body, Coiled 4-pin XLR to Konvas Battery Power Cable, Coiled 10-pin Hirose-ish to Konvas 4 pin female Cable, Body Caps, Crystal Sync Motor (8-32 fps), 1x 200' Mag, Extended Anamorphic Viewfinder, Spare Regular Viewfinder, Sound Barney, 4x 400' Mags, Body Caps, Mag Protectors, what appears to be a PL->OCT19 Mount Adapter
    2. Konvas 1M (B Cam, Physical Condition: G): Konvas 1M Camera Body, Viewfinder, Leather Shoulder Strap, Spare Viewfinder Parts, Fuses, Film Core Adapter, Spare Film Gate, Spare Eyepiece Cover, Spare Viewfinder, 2x 200' Mags, 2x 400' Mags (w/ Mag Protectors and Cases), Crystal Sync Motor (8-32 fps), Leather Hand Strap, Extra-Long 4-pin XLR to Konvas Battery Power Cable, Body Caps
    3. Konvas 1M Spare Body (Physical Condition: Parts)

    1. Anamorphic Element Bridgeplate w/ spare parts
    2. RAF Camera OCT19-PL Flange Adapter
    3. Unlabeled OCT19-PL Flange Adapter
    4. Slide-On Anamorphic Sunshade
    5. Birns & Sawyer Wooden Tripod w/ National Cine Equipment Head

    The main point is that there's a lot of gear here. It's all very Russian and very old. In total, there's around 8 boxes/cases of the stuff. I did my best to represent everything as accurately as possible, but please forgive if there are any errors, as mentioned, this is a lot of stuff.

    I'm happy to ship it but will need some time to determine an appropriate shipping cost once I get everything all boxed up. I'm willing to part things out, but preference goes to someone who's interested in a large portion/all of the stuff at once. I can do local pickups in Boston, New York City, or anywhere in between.

    Retail value: God only knows.
    Asking: SOLD

    Feel free to ask any questions about the stuff. I have pictures of everything and I'm happy to take detail shots if you'd like to see something more specific.

    Thanks everyone. Have a great day!
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    Hey Adam, I can take everything, I sent you a PM.
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  3. #3 Lenes 
    Interested, PM sent
    Doug Quill
    1041 N. Formosa Ave, Fairbanks Bldg. 2
    West Hollywood, California 90046
    978.257.4314 |
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    pm sent
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    I'll take all. I've sent You an offer. Thanks !
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    pm send
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    Gear was sold locally to another RedUser. Thanks everyone for your interest. I appreciate all the messages of interest.
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