Thread: How to being high speed/slow mo footage back into real time?

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  1. #1 How to being high speed/slow mo footage back into real time? 
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    I have some red footage that was purposely shot for slow motion, according to the metadata it was shot at 100fps.
    Our project is 23.976fps and I would like to get it back to real time to potentially use some of it in that manner.

    There is some lip syncing but no scratch track or slate on the file.

    To find out how much to speed it up as, is it a math equation - 100/24fps (rounding for the sake of argument), so it would need to be sped up by 4.16?
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    Yes. Your shutter speed will seem pretty cranked, but if it’s super jarring you can add motion blur after (I think AE actually has a “motion blur” effect that allows you to select which shutter speed you want.)

    Also for future reference, in DSMC2 there’s a way to save the audio as a separate wav file while recording in VariSpeed (check the manual, as I don’t know off hand where it is.)
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