Hey all! Excited to share a project I've been working on for a while! This is an 80W, LED hard light that is designed to look great on camera and provide a platform for custom fixtures and modding. It's entirely open source, runs Arduino code, and only costs about $150 (less in higher quantities.)

The motivation for making this this was working with so many G&E departments that love building their own gear, but are limited by the resources they have access to on set. The result is you see things like Litegear strips taped onto Coroplast rather than properly engineered fixtures. My goal was to provide an extensible platform that solves all the major issues associated with a light of this type, leaving people free to build and experiment with a much better starting point.

  • Bowens mount compatible
  • Accepts Ledil fresnel lenses
  • Full Color LCD Display Menu
  • Overtemp Protection
  • 8Khz PWM Rate (Can be increased to 10Khz)
  • Runs Arduino Code

  • 2700K-6500K Adjustable Color Temp
  • 95CRI Average
  • 150 Lux @20ft w/ medium lens (100% brightness, 4700K temp, Turbo Mode)
  • 9-28V input
  • 3 amps max for linear dimming, 6 amps max for Turbo mode

More info and all files can be found at: https://github.com/MadlyFX/OpenLUX-LED-Video-Light
Fusion 360 Assembly: https://a360.co/2Nx0XiO