I think a lot of people underestimate monochrome sensors. The usual objection is that you don't need filters if you're shooting in colour for b&w output. But this is short-sighted IMHO. Monochrome sensors really do make sense, for several reasons, and I don't think I need to list them. I realized a while ago that I prefer shooting people in b&w, and I only deliver a handful of colour images if I have to.

There is even a good reason to shoot monochrom (photographs) for colour, too, as your colour will be purer. You do need good RGB filters, though.

If I ever become a DP (and it's okay if I don't) I would consider my career a failure if I didn't do at least one significant project in b&w. It's a challenging thing to undertake, but when you get it right it's very, very rewarding.