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  1. #1 Filters for a vintage lens look? 
    So I use black promist 1/8 and 1/4 alot for subtle look. I also recently got set of Sigma Cine FF primes and there super clean and sharp. Which is great as a workhorse lens for majority of my work.

    But I was looking at vintage lens look and the Sigma Cine Classic and want a more stylized look from time to time. Is there a filter that can give more of the uncoated and vintage lens look especially with flares? Or is it that can only get that look with the lens itself.
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    I had the idea once of using a stack of vintage filters. I have not yet done that, but it could be worth investigating. My hope was to get some kind of occasional veiling flare and so on. Here's one example:

    Some people reverse front elements, or get all the elements de-coated. Might be worth doing on cheap lenses.
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    Any one with experience with the Bronze Glimmer Glass? Looking at 1/4 and 1/2 test from Tiffen feels like closest thing to what I am looking for in a filter. to give vintage lens look. But I can't find much about them.
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    Glimmer glas, Hollywood black magic and chocolate filter... Then clean is far gone. I often wish used more filters, rarely the opposite. But to me, doing it in post is not always a bad option or at least a good compliment to get an old / vintage look. Here is some frames from my latest project where I used a 20mm sigma with I think I ended up using a 1/4 glimmer glas infront, which does not do much wished I used more, but it at least added little halos on highlights and such. Then of curse I graded / posted it to look more old with a bit of offset colors etc.

    PastedGraphic-6 by Björn Benckert, on Flickr

    PastedGraphic-7 by Björn Benckert, on Flickr

    PastedGraphic-9 by Björn Benckert, on Flickr

    PastedGraphic-10 by Björn Benckert, on Flickr

    PastedGraphic-11 by Björn Benckert, on Flickr
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    I use glimmer glass on pretty much everything I shoot comerically... the bronze version I keep meaning to pick up as they do warm and dirty up the higlights nicely...

    The Sigmas are very crisps lenses so I think it will be a useful combo... the issue with the Tiffen tests (but they are great tests) is that it can lead you to think to buy only just 1 or 2 strengths. From you mentioning you liked the 1/4 and 1/2 I would suggest you try and also get the 1/8 and if you can the 1
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    Look into a kippertie olpf for some softening and halation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    I use glimmer glass on pretty much everything I shoot comerically... the bronze version I keep meaning to pick up as they do warm and dirty up the higlights nicely...
    Tiffen Glimmer Glass can create some really amazing looks. I've often told clients, "this is a look that would be hard to do in post." You basically have to shoot it that way.

    Promist we can do to a point. I think a lot of stuff looks nice with about a 1/8 Promist, but it depends on context and intent. Deakins argues for an absolutely pin-sharp, accurate look that's more like what he sees with his eyes... and it's hard to argue with that.
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    I'm with Marc,

    My "go too" is always / mostly Promist on the Sigma lenses. I often use Black Supermist as well.

    The Bronze Glimmer Glass is magical I think

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    If you want more of a hazy, milky halation, try a Tiffen Smoque filter.
    David Mullen, ASC
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