my amateur data lab continues with explorations ... i did tests with BlackMagic disc speed app using 2 computers ad 2 sets of cables 1) Lacie SSD gave me on average: 340Mb/s Write and 320Mb/s Read speed 2) Redminimag in only USB3 reader i have gave me also 340 on Write but awoun 440mb/s on Read. 3) Spinning 4TB Lacie gives 80 Mb/s on read and some 89 on Read.

regardless of cables or port combinations i have same speed reading on 2 macs and on all the drives, 2x SSD, 1 Spin Rugged and 2 minimags. i did new copy tests to individual disc using drag and drop and Shotput pro and i got similar tests as before. there is some bottleneck thats not showing on disc speed test. also i did copy tests using different cables and no improvement.

today i will try PC and also new Card Reader and i suspect that this could be my problem. its the only hardware used in all the tests

thank you for all your input