Thread: Catalina ends support for NAS...anybody going to miss it?

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    HP, Dell, etc.. all do the same thing. "We do not support third party..." It's really just their way of avoiding any responsibility. Unless you buy both the workstation and the server from them, they won't help you get them to work together. And 90%++ you won't find a tech support person with the knowledge or experience to go far enough off-script to truly help.
    - Jeff Kilgroe
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    It was my honor to get Michael Tiemann's QNAP systems working with his iMac Pro and MacBook Pro last night. Never thought I would be able to help someone that smart !
    (and if you want to get that PostgreSQL 9.5.4 working on the QNAP - just let me know - I will be ready !).
    Bob Zelin
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    Reduser community awesomeness.

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