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  1. #1 Insane price for 8k Package 
    Ready to shoot package, perfect condition.
    Body can be upgraded or traded in for $15k credit toward new Ranger OR for $5k you can get a Gemini.

    Red Epic W 8k Helium Perfect Condition
    Red Pro Touch 7" Monitor (this is the new one that is $3k)
    Red Base Expander Module
    Red Mini Mag 960gb
    Red Titanium PL Mount OR Red Titanium Canon mount, your choice.
    WC Top Handle
    WC Easy Riser (RED DSMC2) Base Plate
    WC Cable-less Gold Mount (RED DSMC2)
    WC LW 15mm Bracke

    But wait.....right now I'm including at no additional cost:
    Red MiniMag reader

    All this for $17,000!!!!
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    Price lowered to $19k!!!
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    I'm interested. Can you post pictures? How many hours?
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    47 hours, in perfect cond. Will post pics soon or can email or text to you for hi res.
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    Price Lowered to $18,500!!!!!!
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    Price Lowered to $18k!!!!!!
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    Can we have some pictures plz ?
    Where are you located ?
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    Yes, PM me with email and I'll send hi rez pics. We are in Hollywood.
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    what your email please
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    Please PM me your email and I'l send hi rez pics.
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