My favourite was the Alexa by far, then Gemini, then Venice, next FX9 slog. Surprisingly I wasn't a fan of Monstro - the motion rendition was an issue.

This is what I wrote while watching blind...


1 good, little stuttery
2 good
3 slightly hyped colour
4 bit more filmic, less neutral
5 good
6 good, colour a touch hyped
7 good, autofocus didn’t cope

INT studio

1 nice, good soft
2 good, bit too sharp
3 nice, not so good softness
4 bad skin tones (green and magenta somehow) as well as a bit plastic
5 highlight handling is bad!
6 similar to 5 not so bad but not great, skin tones not great
7 pretty good
8 pretty good
9 not quite as good as 7 & 8 but nice

INT +6

1 great
2 fail
3 fail and ugly
4 even worse, gross
5 not great
6 not bad, not great, bit plastic, magenta
7 nice, not bad at all, cool colour shift
8 pretty good
9 not great

INT -6

1 great
2 ok, thin, noisy
3 pretty good! touch magenta
4 FP weird issues nut not bad otherwise
5 ok, pretty good actually
6 ugly
7 noisy not bad, not good
8 noisy, colour shift to blue, not bad
9 noisy, thin, not bad

EXT night

1 very nice
2 nice
3 nice, video motion feel
4 not bad
5 pretty nice, focus fail
6 pretty nice, focus fail
7 fine, video motion feel
8 good

EXT night sodium

1 damn good
2 pretty good, bit plastic
3 not bad, focus struggled
4 pretty good, shakey, rolling shutter
5 good, bit sharp, oversaturated
6 good, feels dslr
7 looks nice but not neutral
8 pretty good

Thanks for the great test Evin!