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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    Some more test footage using a Tilt Shift lens.[/video]
    Beautiful piece, Bob. You've been on fire sharing stuff with us lately, much thanks. (On thoughtful fire, maybe, if that's. thing.) Whatever any given video's value as test footage, you're confirming that it's just as capable an expressive tool as any other cinema camera when placed in the hands of an artist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastien Tribalat View Post
    You mean Rolling Shutter.
    Both are CMOS sensor technology. Often, if not always, it's the exact same sensor and the manufacturer has to decide to go rolling or global (both with pros and cons... According to an earlier post there from Jarred, Komodo's sensor was so good in Global Shutter that they decided to stick with it)
    No I mean GLOBAL shutter and the one in this camera is awesome by the looks of things. But I know ROLLING shutter has more of that jello wobbly look - but I think it can sometimes help with very steady hand held. Iím mean Ďveryí steady haha. I think global shutter just kind of emphasises the handheld jitter or vibration. It Kind of looks like the effect before you turn on image stabilisation on a lens. I notice it more with 24/25 FPS footage rather then 40fps. It was just something Iíve noticed, and it could just be me. Iíve been watching footage on a projector so itís a little more in my face but If Iím the only one then Iím happy as no one else will notice. I can live with that.
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    RED KOMODO 6K First Camera Test | Sigma 18-35mm 1.4 | Middleburg, Virginia

    By rexarrowfilms

    Summer Time, with Red Komodo


    Shot with Red Komodo, Quick Colorgrade
    6K, 40 FPS, MQ, R3D,
    1. 50mm Rokinon Lens
    2. Shot at 800 ISO
    3. Cheap ND Filter (Thus the Soft Focus)
    4. Small Monitor (Thus the Soft Focus)
    5. Used Buttery Lut, Natural Rec 709 and Contrast +1

    RED Komodo test

    By Jake Simpson

    On Sunday We Box.

    Camera | RED Komodo
    Lens(es) | ZEISS Milvus 25mm f1.4 ZEISS Milvus 50mm f1.4

    By Doryus ‘aSniper’ Jones

    The Perfect Pandemic Summer Day, RED Komodo + GoPro

    By REDUSER MEMBER Matt Beardsley

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    Red Komodo Test

    By Jeffrey Garriock


    By yale Goodman


    By yale Goodman


    By yale Goodman

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    Who needs TV. Just watch these Komodo demos all day.

    A lot of excellent work with this camera.
    The boxing one (On Sunday we box) was particularly well put together.
    You can tell how Komodo just seems to inspire people to go out and shoot.
    This is perhaps one of the best camera roll outs involving user footage that I can think of.
    And the footage from the tentpole productions hasn't even come out yet.

    Thanks to Rand for finding these.

    note: Rand you might consider putting together a website where you
    do a daily roundup of videos you find. You're essentially a human aggregator with good taste.
    Get some advertisers on board and you can monetize it. Just saying.
    If you actually do this, please don't leave Reduser. We need you here too.

    Brian Timmons
    If you love comic books please support the GoFundMe for
    Hy Eisman: A Life in Comics documentary
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    Thanks for all of the above comments. But all I can muster is what you'll see here on Reduser. I post in this thread and in others so that others can have access to videos and info that I have learned something from personally. Sometimes people don't see it that way but that's the true intent behind It. For every video I post, there was about 15 to 20 that I didn't. Thanks again Brian!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Stanley View Post
    relax I just meant that a global shutter overall is better then a cmos shutter. But The global shutter has more noticeable jitters in handheld movements especially given how light this camera is.

    And it is more jittery / shaky then other cameras. Iím not saying itís bad and Iím not saying it canít ge rigged to be heavier - Iím just saying that in that footage it looked good and that maybe the lense adapter helped somehow.
    Global or Rolling, they're both CMOS sensors. And the global shutter should not create more jitters in handheld, that depends more on the settings and shooting scenario. Many shooters doing tests right now are off on the shutter angle, instead of using NDs. So that might be the thing here, as well as the weight being lower and therefore handheld shots are less stable. But that has nothing to do with CMOS or global shutter.
    "Using any digital cinema camera today is like sending your 35mm rolls to a standard lab. -Using a Red is like owning a dark room."
    Red Weapon 6K #00600
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    We should probably use the term electronic shutter, rather than global shutter, for Komodo.
    FWIW, shutter characteristics and the perceptual results are an interesting subject. I'm a huge fan of a sine wave shutter characteristic and find it far more natural looking than any other.
    IAC, in those situations where even a very fast read/reset cannot hide rolling shutter artifacts, a global "type" shutter or hybrid can be most useful.

    Cheers - #19
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    RED KOMODO 6K | HANDS-ON REVIEW | Your Questions Answered + Footage [for Download]

    By Reduser Member Johannes "Joey" Helms

    Download sample footage link

    0:00 Opener
    0:19 '6PM' Footage Sequence
    3:11 A Message For You!
    4:27 Compression, File Sizes, & Crop
    6:51 RAPID ROUND I: Features
    11:55 Dynamic Range incl. '6AM' Footage Sequence
    15:55 Audio
    18:03 RAPID ROUND II: Accessories
    22:05 Footage Download / #komodochallenge
    22:45 Low Light incl. '11PM' Footage Sequence
    24:55 Menu & Wireless Control

    Red Komodo high-speed and lowlight quickly test

    By IP WONG

    Red Komodo quickly test
    Format: 6K25fps R3D HQ, 4K50fps and 2K120fps
    Lens: Sigma 50-100F1.8, Carl Zeiss ZF 50F1.4, Leica R 50F2
    ISO: day/ISO250, night/ISO800
    REC.709, BT.1886
    Medium contrast, soft highlight roll off

    The Murray Show - Test Footage from RED KOMODO

    By Seth Dunlap

    Test footage shot with the Red Komodo in ProRess 422 4K 235
    Most of the shots are in 47FPS with a 23.98 clip at the end
    35mm Zeiss Milvus EF F2.0

    I tend to go a little overboard with filters, so this was a promise 1/4th, 1/8th, and a veritable ND filter.

    RED Komodo Alaska//Chutes and Ladders

    By Don2Chon

    Conquer Every Season

    By Forerunner

    Shot on RED Komodo with Vintage Leica R's
    Edit and Grade done in Adobe Premiere
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    ha ha, am I the only one in the thread intercutting Komodo with GoPro?
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