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  1. #1 Komodo Smallhd monior? 
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    So, I've noticed that the same Smallhd monitor is on top of every Komodo. Is this a standard Smallhd monitor or something specific that adds something special?
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    Looks like a garden variety smallHD Focus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher A. Bell View Post
    Looks like a garden variety smallHD Focus.
    garden variety lol
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    I recently emailed SmallHD customer support asking if they have any plans to release a SDI version of their 5” FOCUS Bolt TX wireless monitor. All they gave me was basically a, “Thanks for the input, you’re not the first one to ask us about that.” Haha.

    I feel like this would be the perfect monitor + wireless solution for Komodo. And I know the new Cine7 TX has SDI, but I think it would be way too big to use on Komodo, whereas their 5” Focus that everyone is already using is the perfect size.
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    One thing I'll say about the SmallHD Focus 5" or anything in that size category, when I've been thinking about how I'm building Komodo there's two things going through my head:

    - Smallest package size
    - Comfortable package size

    In relationship to that field display, it's dimensions are: 0.75 x 3.3 x 5.25"

    Which means more or less that with a decent size battery you can have the Focus laying lengthwise on top of Komodo and still have a silly small shooting package.

    And that's a good display for $300 buckeroos.

    That said, you'll see me rocking a 7" on it as well. Sort of exactly how I work with DSMC2. Most days I'm on the 7", but I use the smaller screens when I need to be nimbler.
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    Literally just picked up a 7” and received yesterday. Great unit. Will work well...once we can get a Komodo in our hands.

    Jarred we have an awesome Canada-South Africa co-pro shooting in the jungle in mid-late March. Komodo would work great for the special forces hand-to-hand combat scenes!
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    Wondering about how the Focus OLED SDI compares to the Atomos Shinobi SDI.

    Shot with the Shinobi on Venice recently to have something small to go alongside the viewfinder and I quite liked with the panel. Should be brighter than the FOCUS OLED SDI as well...
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    Yeah, is there any reason the Focus SDI has been preferred for use in testing over the Shinobi SDI?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Erickson View Post
    Yeah, is there any reason the Focus SDI has been preferred for use in testing over the Shinobi SDI?
    Might be the size
    The 5" SmallHD Focus SDI is : 13.34cm x 8.38cm x 1.9cm
    The Atomos Shinobi SDI at : 15.1cm x 9.15cm x 3.15cm
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    I'm really digging the Cine7's RCP control on my Gemini.. the touch controls are really responsive and useful to have. I wonder if it'd be able to tap into Komodo as well
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