$10,500 OBO. If this listing is up, itís still for sale. Please do not dm asking if itís avail. No sales outside of US.

Here it is folks, this has been my personal camera since '14. Upgraded it from Epic to Dragon. It has ~970 Hours on it today. It's been rock solid and a great performer on TV shows, commercials, music videos and films. No issues whatsoever and fully functional, though it has some normal wear. This listing has been up for a while because the camera keeps getting booked onto shows.


Kit includes:

Dragon Epic-M #0449

SSD: 4 x 128


BOMB EVF - 9.9 condition. Barely used.

2 x EVF/LCD Cable

USB 3 Card Reader

DSMC1 PL Mount (Mag)

Side Handle


AC Power Supply

A-Box: Audio Input

B-Box: Sync

Skin Tone Highlight OLPF

Low Light OLPF

Red Volts (4) and Charger. (I don't use these ever and have cycled them but not recently, at least a year.

Element Technica Tandem Binary Back (Holds Two AB Batteries)

RED Element Technica 19mm Baseplate (This one is different than the one in the kit pics with the camera build). 100% functional but has a chip and some wear. Clamps and locks tightly though.

Wooden Camera:

- Top Plate

- Nato Rail + Handle

- 4 x Safety (tactical) ribs

- Bottom Plate

- LW 15mm rod clamps for bottom plate

Pelican 1510 with Trekpak insert

Includes 1 Noga arm.

Thanks for looking!