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    Hey, everybody, so the news is breaking out about the new Samsung Galaxy phones coming out soon. Coming from my experience with my Nokia Pureview 808 and Lumia 1020, I know that there's some great photo opportunities to be had with the digital wiggle room 108mp resolution will give and even 64mp on the telephoto lens will be pretty great too but low light is the real challenge as that's what's kept me from using the Nokia and Lumia more often. For video, I can't wait to see how it performs as I'm not too thrilled about my iPhone 11 Pro Max's 4K video that's just disappointingly mushy even with Filmic Pro on Extreme.

    What do you guys think? Might we see some 8K surprises in store for NAB this year? It's going to be odd if 8K phones are the only affordable source for 8K until 2021. ;)
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    Based on the slow drip of 8K for the last several years and including RED's two digital cinema options covering VV and S35 in 8K DCI resolution, if you're surprised about more 8K cameras hitting the market in cell phones and smaller cheaper cameras, you haven't been paying attention :)

    Longer form take.

    Work-wise. Everybody is focused on 4K delivery from the perch I sit on now. There's certainly a world out there that isn't focused on that, but it's pretty plainly apparent that 4K spec is the new target for professional content.

    8K delivery, still painfully new, but the power of 8K is how it can be used for 4K and 8K delivery. Similar to the down-sampling benefits of all the 5K and 6K cameras now offered by everybody.

    I've been writing it for a while, but the memo has been received that down sampling = good thing industry-wide.

    While Japan is flexing the 8K streaming muscle, the rest of the world is a smidge behind on that. They've been advancing 8K streaming rapidly and offer a couple options already. The world of course can stream via YouTube in 8K for years now. But the real question on my mind is which of the big streaming services will be first to offer 8K content.
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