Hey everyone, I’m UK based and selling my RED Helium kit as I also have a Gemini and don’t really need both, it would include:

1x Helium body (upgraded to 8k 60fps - 790hrs runtime) - 20k

1x 480GB Mini Mag - 1200

1x Sidekick - 1000

1x Base expander - 1650

1x Smallrig baseplate - 56

1x RED EF mount - 800

1x Wooden Camera PL mount - 307

2x PAG 150w V-Lock battery - 385 each (770)

1x RED 4.7” monitor - 1350

1x Lemo Adapter set - 430

2x Lemo cable (1x RED, 1x 3rd party) - 175, 60 (235)

1x RED Dual V-Lock battery charger (Brand new only used twice) - 450

1x Mains Power (Brand new in sealed packaging)

1x G-Tech Card Reader - 140

1x RED 4" support arm - 100

Total - 28,488 (34,185.60 inc VAT)

RED Monitor, Body, Base Expander & Sidekick have pristine original boxes.

Looking for 19k can provide pictures, will be ready for collection end of next week. I've never rented this camera and it has only ever been used by myself, it's been serviced at RED once about a year ago and has been a 100% reliable workhorse for me helping push my career to new levels. As mentioned previously, I also own a Gemini and the Helium is not getting much use so it's time to say goodbye.