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    As we approach Komodo’s release, I’m wondering what car mount rigs have worked well for you. Looking to rig a small build DSMC2 to a car as well as Komodo to a motorcycle. Please chime in with your builds, any tips/tricks, and would love to see pictures too.

    Many thanks!
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    Black arm with Ronin XL is as I see it the goto solution. With a small zoom on a slim DSMC2 package you can easily go +70km/h and have it in the wind with no issues. Smaller gimbals tend to not manage such situations, as the motors are usually to weak and can not take the wind force.
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    I generally just attach a fluid head to a pair of 6' speedrail that are joined at the ends and about 8 inches apart. I use ratchet straps on the ends to hook onto anything solid I can find inside the wheel wells and have it sit tight on a yoga mat folded over. I love the Rig Wheels cloud mount setup, which could be used with or without a stabilizer but haven't used it.
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