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  1. #1 RED Komodo Vs. Blackmagic 6K 
    First test comparing the Komodo to the Blackmagic 6K. While the Blackmagic did great, you simply can't beat the RED colors and R3D color information in post.
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    To the question at the end... I prefer the camera that is reliable, has the most DR and functionality while everything else in the video relies on how competent the photographer/cinematographer is so this isn't a proper test of these cameras.

    - Give me a few situations
    - Different lighting scenarios
    - Different skin tones
    - Functionality report
    - Post workflow walkthrough and evaluation of grading capabilities

    Then we can start measuring these two against each other.
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    Agreed and that would be the RED then, because yes more DR. Both reliable cameras though. More tests coming with different situations, lighting, and definitely post capabilities which we already prefer R3D.
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    The global shutter gives it away for me. I am so sensitive to motion, even in the slow mo I can tell by the motion.

    While I am considering a bmpcc 4k or 6k for a B-Cam, the Komodo's motion is just amazing imho. To me, it puts it even above most other REDs.
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    Blackmagic's fears have become reality!

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