Thread: When can we expect R3D and Metal support in Premiere Pro CC 2020

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  1. #1 When can we expect R3D and Metal support in Premiere Pro CC 2020 
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    Just looking to get some answers and some possible update because trying to get answers from Adobe is useless. After upgrading to Premiere Pro CC2020 editing RED footage is impossible. The stutter, lag and choppy playback makes PPCC2020 unusable for me. So like so many others that use premiere I had to downgrade back to CC2019. I guess this would be more of a Jarrad or RED staff question. When can we expect support for RED footage in CC2020? I love Adobe but they keep attempting to offer these generic troubleshooting tips as if its our system knowing darn well its their application. I would have respected Adobe more if they would have just said "PPCC2020 is available but Mac users particularly Mac users working with RED footage this CC2020 version is Beta for you and recommend waiting for Metal support update"

    But no they continue to try and troubleshoot an issue that they know doesn't work. Reading the post on the Adobe forum so many other users are having the same issue and not just with RED footage. Can anyone offer any insight?
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    This is not a question for Jared or Red, this is very much a question for the Adobe people. I edit on a Mac and some of my colleges who run premiere on windows say that the experience on windows is less painful than it is on the Mac OS but far from perfect. Hope that by NAB adobe will have all the issues resolved (no pun intended).
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    RED has yet to release the SDK with full Metal acceleration. Once that happens, then it's up to Adobe to incorporate it.

    As for the rest of it, Adobe has some serious issues to work out in Premiere and several of their other apps. This SDK is not going to solve all the crashing, stuttering, lockups and everything else that Premiere loves to do in its latest releases.
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    Back to the "what goes into Adobe stays in Adobe" problem it seems. Maybe too many suits and too few mechanics on the shop floor. Lean burn can ruin engines and excessively lean management can ruin enterprises, the Boeing 737 Max debacle a case in point. Is Adobe in its turn about to become the feather duster? One hopes not because CS6 for me has been a good performer and being a slow learner, I have not yet dug deep into Resolve just played around its edges.
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