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I am super happy to share with my fellow cinematographers this cinematography breakdown of a smashing new music video Luka Dončić feat. Drake & Bad Bunny - My Name Is Luka (Say Hello To My Bazooka) by Klemen Slakonja. This amazing music video has recently reached over a million views on youtube, it delivers an absolutely fresh visual approach and we had a good fortune to talk about the making of this music video with its cinematographer - the award winning Dominik Istenic. Dominik is known for his highly stylized approach to cinematography that usually tends to be very moody and atmospheric. If you want to find what it takes to make such an amazing music video make sure to check this week's video. Just a hint - the video was shot on the classic red dragon 6k - lots of great cinematography insiders tips and tricks....feel free to check it out:


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