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    And to expand on that, pretty much all of my questions have been answered regarding "this" via numerous tests last decade. Between 2015-2017 the answer was pretty apparent for me, RED Dragon 8K VV testing against 70mm 15-perf IMAX:

    We're using the 18mm Tokina to match the FOV btw and this was for a feature.

    I worked with motion picture film as recently as last year though, but every year I wonder. In the 2000s all of my heli work was on film. In the 2010s all but one shoot was digital and I've been filming a lot of helicopter aerials the last decade. Typically 2-3 months out of the year. Heaviest year to date was 2016. 130 days in the air filming. 90 of those were on one project though.
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    I used to fly with Kevin's dad, Kevin Sr. back in the early 80's for Helitac Aviation. Helitac was based at the Cal-Fed Sunset building next to Echo Park Lake which comes into view towards the end of the shot. Brings back memories.

    Beautiful shot Phil.
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