I get a few questions. I think most info is in my first post, but to be clear:

We don't offer to produce, distribute or direct your production.

We just offer workflows for productions that happens in the corona-situation where people can not sit together and collaborate directly.

I think three advantages and an interesting thing with what we offer is that

1. It is a hybrid solution.
This means that you don't need to upload "all" to the cloud to get going. Proxies take you through a lot.
Of course you CAN upload all, but it is much more efficient and also community friendly to only move the originals you NEED, in a time where bandwidth is a precious commodity.
Also this approach lets you work "much earlier" than if everything including originals needs to be online to get you going.

With a production we are currently on, the editorial material alone is 15TB, and they can continue working without bumps when everyone go home.
If we needed to upload the originals to get there, that would easily be 200-350 TB extra of material just to assemble the production.

Now we are good at saturating bandwidth, but still...

2. We have a "local" ingested/transcode/upload/download solution (QI).
What is significant with that?
This means that both the files you upload and download will be structured and mirrored on all locations.
If you upload/download through a browser, your files essentially land in a mess "somewhere" on your system.

3. Snart watchfolders
Our watch folders are "programmed" to receive specific data-types, be it "documents", camera-files, audio, VFX-renders, review files or finished programs.
This means that even with watch-folder ingests your project stays tidy and navigable without a lot f manual tagging.

we have had al editorials an accessory data in the cloud for a while, but it would be interesting to work with someone interested in also putting Premiere in the cloud. We sort of have everything ready to do that.

Hope this makes it more clear.