Thread: What is the RED film community doing while on lock down?

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  1. #1 What is the RED film community doing while on lock down? 
    This covid-19 pandemic could not of came at a worse time for me. As I was gaining more clients and building more relationships (Quality #1 - Being liked #2) this epidemic hit and of course work came to a grinding halt.

    Now I am stuck in the house watching my equipment gather dust with all projects canceled and no prospects to look forward 2.

    So I am now reduced to working on self produced youtube vidoes. Basic stuff but I refuse to sit on my hands. I need to do something cam related. I love what I do and want to do nothing else.. Once I started filming, it became my obsession.

    So what are you fine folks doing in this unprecedented time? I would love to hear from everyone because even though I do not post much, this site has helped me with a myriad of issue via posts. Its a second home that is lurked..LOL
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    Sorry to hear Jamil. I'm sure it will pick up again eventually. Producing youtube videos is a good idea while on lockdown. Maybe consider some online courses as well, or learn how to use a new app?

    I'm lucky in that I recently came home from a shoot in Botswana on which I massively overshot, so I have a ton of footage to work through and edit. I also shot a bunch of timelapses on my Canon, which are taking forever to process. So I can keep myself busy for the next month or so. After that, if it is still feasible, I'm going to look at a couple weeks remote camping trip with my family. After that we shall see...
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    Working on giving people tools to be able to collaborate from their different flats/home-offices
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    I’m learning Nuendo
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    Counting sheep...
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    Subbing... Working on concepts for our Reel but struggling to come up with good content that doesnt involve any people.. lol
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    Sitting at home wondering why some aren’t taking social distancing and isolation seriously.

    VFX, Cinematographer, Photographer
    10 frame handles
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    My dog is walking me three times a day.
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    Today just loading mags. I've been putting in 3 rounds then a tracer and every other round is AP, the goal being once I see the tracer I know I've got 3 rounds left.

    Tomorrow planning on making chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
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  10. #10 What are you working on during Covid-19 Lockdown 
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    The Production & Engineering portion of my business is on pause.

    I started jumping back in to some web projects.
    I bootstrapped this site: in my "spare time".

    (BTW, looking for content ideas. I am continuing to build this site out somewhat quickly. Please share any features or info that would be relevant to a viewership looking for solid resources.)

    I've had some clients reach out for streaming web broadcasts. And some others ask me if I do websites, ironically.

    What are you all working on?? What's keeping you inspired???
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