Thread: How to record remotely via ethernet and send the video over FTP to the server

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  1. #1 How to record remotely via ethernet and send the video over FTP to the server 
    Hello, i have a such question. Can someone tell me how to set up workflow with a RED camera (DSMC1 or DSMC2) to record over the ethernet to SSD and send the ProRes over the ethernet to FTP for remote editing on the other end of the Planet. We have a high upload speed over 85Mbps. But I am newbie in such question. And i have no idea how to set the server for such workflow, but i guess i need it. Will be appreciated for any info and your help. I will be reading the manual today later on, but before i start may be someone familiar with that kind of info i need. Many thanks in advance. Right now i find only this Tether triggering
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    As far as i know it is not possible to record High resolution over Ethernet, only Minimag.

    You could record the HDMI or SDI Stream with a capture card directly onto a computer but thats gonna be 1080p max. resolution..

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    you could use the tether recording to record to a local drive on a laptop over ethernet. Then have some kind of app mirror that drive location. For instance something simple like iCloud drive would be able to do that. I can say red tether is great when it works but it can drop out due to many tiny reasons besides the data levels. Your ethernet bandwidth should not exceed much over 60 MB/s to get something stable. So you will need to play with the compression ratios of Raw, disabling audio will also help that.
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