Thread: ZHIYUN CRANE 3S + steadicam/exoskeleton support?

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  1. #1 ZHIYUN CRANE 3S + steadicam/exoskeleton support? 
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    Have you tried or seen a video of some one using ZHIYUN CRANE 3S with suport systems like steadicam or exoskeletons? Also I think Jarred had tested the komodo on a ZHIYUN gimball. Does anybody know if it was the new ZHIYUN CRANE 3S or maby its little brother. Would be nice to se more options like a classic handlebar.

    In this video there are a few mounts and even mount for easyrig kind of rigs. But I like to see more options.

    ZHIYUN CRANE 3S King of gimble feature
    Epic #06696
    Epic-W #004069
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    This picture might reply to your question. Notice the innovative use of the Manfrotto 123 adapter. Incidentally, it is not me and i have never used this setup.
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