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  1. #1 Gear yard sale- Cameras/ aks & sound 
    As deep a Sony guy as I (obviously) was and as much as it's been fun to dabble in other camera systems my production company is needing to clear out (new-to-me 6K Dragon on the way, as 6 years ago as that is).


    • PMW-F3- 1110 hours. SLOG update. Top cheeseplate. Nik mount (dumb). PL mount. Battery/ charger. $600. Sony videomic.
    • Pmw-f3 with RGB 444 update. 771 hours. Top plate with 15mm rails. PL and dumb nik mount. Battery/charger. Sony videomic. $1100. Will include a non functional Convergent Design Gemini 444- if you get it working- you're in.
    • Add a Duclos-modded Tokina 28-70mm f2.6 with Nikon mount. $800.
    • Video devices pix-e7 and e5 each with pix-lr available for the 444 recording, so if you're one-man-banding it you can get sound devices quality preamps on your amazing picture. If you buy one of the pix-e's I'll upgrade your f3 battery to one with d tap to run the Pix-e.
    • Fs700 with RAW enabled. Full standard accessories. $1400.
    • Atomos shogun 4k with 480gb media can be added for $350 extra (plenty more 480 GB SSDs available for the atomos if you want to pay more). Or Odyssey 7Q with RAW for $1250
    • FS5 with RAW enabled. Full standard aks plus, bonus battery, zacuto z finder, and cage. One select button doesn’t work. $2500
    • Atomos shogun 4k with 480gb media can be added for $350 extra (plenty more 480 GB SSDs available for the atomos if you want to pay more). Or Odyssey 7Q with RAW for $1250
    • SEL-P18200 zoom available with either of the above for $500.
    • Metabones adapters and/or speedboosters available for E mount to Nik, EF, and PL. Prices vary.
    Arri Alexa Plus with Aks $6000 (16:9 sensor, high speed license).
    With Odyssey 7q+ with RAW bundle and old B4 mount Fujinon zoom with 2x PL mount adapter- $8000
    (not interested in selling Fujinon separately at this point in time. With the adapter it covers my Epic filming at 3K without vignetting.

    • 3 x … Hero4. I think. With batteries and little lcd monitor and zhiyun crane. $150 obo.

    KIT- DJI OSMO RAW, Zenmuse X5R, 512GB DJI SSD+READER, 128GB SD card, Zoom lens Olympus 14-42 MFT, 2x battery + charger, DJI INSPIRE 1 RAW DRONE, TB48 BATTERY, Remote control, Case (zipper broken but latches were adapted)- $2000


    • Sound Devices 744T with power cord and a hard case- $800
    • Zoom F8N- great shape, original aks- $750
    • Rodelink lav with custom SKB hardcase- $250

    These are available, but I haven't looked up fair market value pricing on them. If you're interested in one ping me and I'll move faster to figure it out.
    • 504, 503, & MVH500A Manfrotto heads
    • Benro AD71FK5 Tripod kit
    • Manfrotto sticks, I'd have to look up the number, plus Cartoni sticks.
    • Redrock Micro shoulder Rig
    • Fotga (I believe) shoulder rig
    • Lanparte shoulder rig (with follow focus, or FF for sale separately)
    • Extreme 17 Gini rig
    • filmcity rig
    • Shape manual FF, Movcam manual FF, Lanparte manual FF, PD Movie Remote One and a PD Movie Remote Air One
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    Where are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by denis View Post
    Where are you located?


    Boston area. (The US)
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    Some updates
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    Added Zoom F8N
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    do you still have the camera?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor Achkeev View Post
    do you still have the camera?

    Anything not marked "SOLD" I still have. What caught your eye? (Or PM me)
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