Thread: Anyone shot with 2x Anamorphic in 8K 8:9 for a 1.78 finish and have examples?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Dunne View Post

    Monstro and Helium showing 1:1 under the "4K Full Format (4096 x 2160)" area, though it was deffo a custom at the time.
    I wondering if that means 2160x2160 desqueezed horizontally or 4096x4096 squeezed vertically.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Mullen ASC View Post
    Keep in mind that when you're talking about the field of view of a traditional 2X 40mm anamorphic, that's usually in terms of the 4-perf 35mm frame of 21mm x 17.5mm. So on a larger format, assuming it fills it enough, the view will be larger so if you have to cut it down on the sides, you may end up back to the traditional view. But trimming a 2.40 image to 1.78 is quite a crop so I'd expect a loss of horizontal view no matter what. It helps to be using a sensor that is more like 20mm to 24mm tall, which a traditional anamorphic lens might just fill, gaining some vertical view and thus keeping a little more of the horizontal view.
    The thick, plottens.

    Pretty sure Helium is ~16.5mm high, so not quite 4-perf, which means you won't be maximizing out the 2x Anas height/image circle. So the FOV will likely be a smidgeon smaller than previously calculated. That said, with a 32mm or 40mm 2x, you're still gonna be quite wide even when cropped to 1.78:1~2:1...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Maliwanag View Post
    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone shot with 2x Anamorphic in 8K 8:9 for a 1.78 finish? If so does anyone have examples? What was your experience like?

    I'm interested in shooting with 2x anamorphic lenses and finishing in a final 1.78 aspect ratio. After doing some research, I feel that shooting 8K 8:9 would give me the best option after cropping the sides to get a 4096 x 2160 resolution with a 1.78.1 aspect ratio. I'd go in and test but due to our current situation, I can only speculate.

    I know I could potentially shoot 1.33x anamorphic at 6:5 or 3:2 but I feel you start to lose some of the anamorphic feel with 1.33 squeeze lenses that you would get with 2x squeeze lenses.

    So I assume the FOV changes with the crop. In my above setup/settings, does a 40mm 2x anamorphic lens lose that 20mm FOV and just revert back to a FOV of a 40mm? If so,I feel like a negative set back is a lack of wide angle lenses when shooting with 2x anamorphic at this set up.


    I shot a TV pilot a couple of years ago on Helium in 8:9 with 2x Hawk V-Lite anamorphics for 1.78:1 delivery.
    Worked great, saves you a lot of storage space and no hazzle with post cropping. We recorded straight to ProRes, so the files were already desqueezed in the delivery aspect ratio.
    Markus Förderer, ASC, BVK
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    David, Markus, Simon, and Mike thanks for the replies! Again I appreciate this great information.

    David thanks for the response. I figured it would be quite a crop since we'd lose about 25% on the sides. I'll keep in mind the taller sensor size but it boils down to budget. It's good to know I'll gain wider FOV with a full frame/larger sensor on a 40mm 2x ana lens than with a super 35 sensor.

    Markus, the pilot looks great! Thanks for sharing and it reaffirms my thought process on shooting 2x ana for 1.78 aspect ratio. I'll go in and test once we're allowed to!

    Thanks everyone!
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