Thread: DSMC2 V-LOCK I/O EXPANDER eject button broken help!

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  1. #1 DSMC2 V-LOCK I/O EXPANDER eject button broken help! 
    My DSMC2 V-LOCK I/O EXPANDER eject button broke today and now I cant get the battery off. It was just sitting there on a tripod while I was testing stuff and the spring inside or something just popped and I can hear a piece rattling around. I can not remove the battery. Need help figuring this out.
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    Ok that scare is over. Looks like some one who assembled the module at the red factory didn't tighten the 2 little screws on the eject button lever that attaches to the v mount lock spring assembly.

    I was able with a hammer and very thin aluminum tiny pocket ruler carefully work my way to unlock the v mount battery from the battery plate like wire coat hanger on older car doors. Then I was able to take the module off the red. Not knowing when Red would be even able to look at it with everything going on I took it on myself to carefully open the module. Found the screws that fell out and screw it back in nice and tight.

    Everything is working just fine from what I can tell.
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