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    I have started designing a cinematography exercise for personal enjoyment. I am very interested in the look of early colour photography such as autochrome and hand tinted black and white photography. Also considering emulating the looks from early black and white and I came across some photoshop presets that look very interesting.

    These Photoshop presets are way more complex than a LUT as they can take advantage of layers and blending modes. I must admit I had no idea that Photoshop can now ingest and process video files like R3Ds because in the past you would have to use image sequences. Has anyone ever used Photoshop as part of their workflow? Thoughts? World of pain? Stupid idea?

    I imagine a better approach would be to work within Resolve but can anyone recommend processing tools for Resolve such as OFX plugins that could do a similar job as Seimeffects Emulsion 3 Platinum, Cyanotype and Wet Plate actions. Thanks
    Tom Gleeson
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    Very informative, thanks ! If you're interested in an Autochrome look (my favourite colors), check this work done on Togo :

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