Thread: Shot on Komodo: SNL Cold Open 04.25.2020 - Starring Brad Pitt and shot by Jarred Land

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  1. #1 Shot on Komodo: SNL Cold Open 04.25.2020 - Starring Brad Pitt and shot by Jarred Land 
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    Starring Brad, shot by Jarred, filmed on Komodo.

    Brief details from Jarred online:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land
    Komodo with Sigma 50-100mm cinema zoom shot at a stupidly deep stop to make it look more “broadcast”. SkyPanels everywhere for ample glass reflections . The worst dodgy green screen in the world but it’s all I had. Rhode shotgun microphone piped right into camera and just prayed it worked as I couldn’t wear headphones. Flanders OLED monitor. Razor studio laptop which is insanely fast with Komodo 6k R3Ds. MacBook running zoom as well as piping them an sdi feed live off the camera.

    Stuff that is cool here on a personal level is the use of the digital punch in and digital zoom to decent effect. Not a foreign concept to most here, but likely not the most common thing in the world of broadcast television.
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    Thanks Phil for this!! Damn that looks good!!
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    Ah! I posted it separately on the “Covid” thread. I didn’t know it was shot on Komodo! Super cool
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    I loved this. Pitt does a really good Fauci. Hard to judge IQ at all since the youtube vid is not available in my country so I saw it on Twitter.
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    Video Not available in Canada :-(
    Last edited by Blair Thornton; 04-26-2020 at 06:24 AM.
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    Excellent work!
    Proves yet again how versatile the baby Dragon is!!!

    I'm sure once the Komodo is out in the wild, those Aja u-tap converters are going to fly off the shelves!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blair Thornton View Post
    Video Not available in Canada :-(
    Here you go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    Thanks Bob!
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    Looks good.

    The Post work, no so great. The guys doing it need to find the pixel fill button. One click and those edges are gone.
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