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    Hi all!

    With the Komodo imminent coming, i doubt people are still looking at this part of the forum but i'll try, has someone ever tried to downgrade the Red one Mx firmware?
    If yes, how that went?

    Cheers all!
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    Why would you want that? (i'm just curious)
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    I have not done it with the R1, but if it's anything like DSMC, you perform it the same way as a firmware "upgrade".

    However, there are certain firmwares that after upgrading to, you can't downgrade lower than, so keep that in mind (usually firmwares that introduced new hardware; e.g. If you've been using an SSD Module, RED doesn't want you to accidentally downgrade to a firmware that was released *prior* to SSD Module support as it could brick the camera.)

    But I'm with Martin; I don't know why you'd want to downgrade a firmware, especially on a legacy product that has presumably been working well. Pretty sure the only reason they even allow it is so that you can go back to a working firmware if one of the beta or newly released firmwares was causing issues.
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