Thread: Ryds "Peebreak" Shot during Corona Atlas orion / monstro.

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    Nice, lol. And cool BTS!
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    Great spot!

    And thanks for posting the reel of old ads by Andersson-- I love his features, but had never seen these, and they have the same sensibility.
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    Pretty cool,

    I made a vertical 9:16 version of the film last night. Uploaded to my own TIK TOK account. Im not a tiktok:er have never posted anything there, have zero followers etc. Just wanted to see if there would be some response on the film among that crowd.

    Now, a day later it got 60000views, 5000 likes and 100 followers and the kids are bombing it with comments.

    Did not really expect that for a Swedish car window commercial.

    I mean who in their right mind would klick like on a commercial on a social media platform? Well apparently the TIK TOK kids did and at a rate of 1 like per every 10th view, which is insane.

    My younger brother in law that is aspiring music producer told me a while back, if making a song these days and it does not have a beat in there that will trend on TIKTOK, then simply you do not have a hit. Shit needs to fly on TIKTOK to even have a chance to climb on Spotify or such.

    I did not even know what TIKTOK was when he told me. But yes then when I looked into it I figured, its the same for commercials. A commercial is just a commercial until it trends on tiktok then, and only then, its a good commercial.

    From now on I will refuse to listen to stupid Ok boomer agency producers about their target group tests and such. Instead just upload the shit on a anonymous fresh tik tok account and see how it flies, if it spreads like wildfire, well then you have something. If the kids does not click... then back to the drawing board. :)
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