Thread: Grey MiniMags are reliable for 6K Dragon-X?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Glowskey View Post
    I also have dragon x
    Has the upgrade to 6K been successful without any problems? It is possible that this is the cause. It works fine with me. I would try to downgrade to the previous version of the software and return again to 7.3.0 from December :)
    not yet, but i will! Anyway, if i set 60fps with 60fps timebase with 6K resolution, NO PROBLEM AT ALL!!
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    still having problems with the second dragon x camera!! i'm totally sure wich the problem is on the latest fw v.7.3.0. I tested this camera wich is exatly like mine, with same firmware...and i have the same problem. please take a look this video!
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