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  1. #1 Roadmap for Meike S35 and FF cine lenses 
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    Meike Super 35 T2.1 Cine Lens Set
    • 35mm June,2020
    • 25mm August,2020
    • 50mm October,2020
    • 70mm December,2020
    • 90mm February,2021
    • 18mm April,2021

    Meike Full Frame T2.1 Cine Lens Set
    • 50mm June 2020
    • 35mm August,2020
    • 24mm October,2020
    • 16mm December,2020
    • 85mm February,2021
    • 105mm April,2021
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    Really looking forward to the S35 and FF sets to see what they were able to pull together here. Big time into the 70 and 90 concept in S35 as well as the 18mm. 16mm in F35 is an interesting choice too.
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    So looks like the 50mm FF is available for pre-order now, however no news about the S35 lenses. Wondering how pricing for the S35 vs the FF will play out, the 50 FF comes in at just under a 1000 bucks, which is frankly quite insane for a fully mechanical cine lens.

    Any ideas on the image quality of these? Will they be similar to their APS-C/MFT Line up?
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