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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hastings View Post
    One exception and probably the best bang for the buck for Komodo is the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8. Per discussions with Canon reps this lens was actually built to L lens specs/build quality but they only use the L designation for full frame lenses. The 17-55 will work with the EF-RF adaptors (previously you couldn't use EF-S lenses on Canon full frame lenses because there is a mechanical stop that prevents it - although they work fine on non-Canon EF mounts like the RED canon mounts.)
    Yeah that lens would be a nice fit, good size aswell. my only concern would being able to adjust aperture on the komodo though... or do you think it would be able? autofocus isn't essential
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    Just decide between either having a RF to EF adapter with internal ND or the benefit of the faster aperture on the RF 24-70. A RF to EF adapter that's active should transfer aperture and autofocus just like on the Canon R.
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    What you have to consider here, is future proofing and the future of RF. I personally believe that one of the most valuable parts of the Komodo is the RF Mount as it can be used with adapters to almost any lens mount there is. I really believe that because of this you should really look into RF only glass. Id strongly recommend the 24-105 f4 RF since it is super light and has a great range without sacrificing sharpness and detail. But if you need a prime killing zoom and dont really mind weight or a huge lens diameter (compared to other photo lenses) then look no further then the 28-70 f2! Its great and is absolutely one of if not my favorite lens to use on my eos r right now
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