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    Does anyone here own the Astera Titans? If so, how long does the battery last on a single tube being run at 100%? I haven’t been able to find this information anywhere online. I’ve been able to find the manufacturer’s specs but when it comes to real world battery usage, the truth is often very different then what’s printed on the package.
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    Astera is pretty straight-up with their ratings, especially with the demanding conditions and requirements they are used under. Of course, like anything else with a battery, as the battery ages/gets used, it's runtime decreases.

    Unfortunately, I can't speak specifically to the Titan's runtime. I only own the AX3's and AX5's.
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    You can pretty much dial in their run time using the app. This will influence their maximum output though. If I remember correctly minimum run time is an hour.
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    Yeah, I was just hoping to hear from someone in the real world that actually owns them and can say, "With my Titans I roughly get ___ hours of runtime when running the light at 100% full output". I've posted on 3 forums so far and nobody seems to be able to tell me that.
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    I get around 2 hours, maybe 10-15 minutes more, when set to "MAX"
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