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    Im researching production monitors and the small hds seem popular but they start off at $3000. But then i see the lilliput brands for like $1000. Are the small hds worth it for that price?
    Is there monitors 17-24 that anyone recommends thats not $3000. Or am i better off purchasing the more expensive ones?
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    Osee and Swit have budget friendly options in 21.5" I have a 1223f from Swit which is good in a studio setting but outside it would struggle to compete with daylight. Osee has an 21.5" HDR which is probably a better panel but with less connections and frustrating menu buttons.
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    We have a Lilliput and I would not recommend it. Dull image, useless in daylight. Ours is robustly encased, like road gear should be - that said, it's heavy to schlep around and lacks easy attachment to a stand.
    SmallHD has excellent industrial design and enough nits to be used in sheltered daylight. Not a fan of their menu system, but others might love it. Image is decent, but side by side with a Flanders you see the difference.
    FWIW, I think there are two logical ways to approach the production monitor piece. Either get something good enough to serve the purpose at a reasonable price, or throw down for something good enough to actually judge color on in a controlled viewing environment.

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