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    I think the definition of cinematographer in this string perhaps should be examined. It's alluded that a "real" cinematographer films on set in a controlled environment with 1st Acs and everything else a film set of privilege affords. There are also real cinematographers who shoot short films, documentary films, independent films and blockbuster films who will benefit from this camera's size and dynamic range and whose work is inherently filmic.

    I think the lack of #impressive" or "quality" footage not being posted as of yet has NOTHING to do with price point or who will end up buying this camera. The people who received cameras first WERE RED shooters from what I am seeing so if somehow being able to afford to own a higher priced camera and using one means you're a cinematographer, than the first footage should have been amazing. Perhaps the footage wasn't jaw dropping because learning a tool before using it is paramount, the software is still beta and perhaps the people who are filming right out of the gate with it are otherwise used to filming with a crew. Blaming the price point of the camera, pressure on the individuals dropping footage or the camera itself seems a bit much.

    I think if anything people who grew out of the DSLR revolution (not me) will do wonderful things with the camera. Many short films and independent productions will be captured with it that will blow people's minds.

    As for autofocus, I can see its use when filming with a stabilizer like a gimbal which the Komodo will be used on heavily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiri Vrozina View Post

    A test pilot must be able to:
    Understand a test plan;
    Stick to a test plan, flying a plane in a highly specific way;
    Carefully document the results of each test;
    Have an excellent feel for the aircraft, and sense exactly how it is behaving oddly if it is doing so;
    Solve problems quickly if anything goes wrong with the aircraft during a test;
    Cope with many different things going wrong at once.
    Effectively communicate flight test observations to engineers and relate engineering results to the pilot community, thus bridging the gap between those who design and build aircraft with those who employ the aircraft to accomplish a mission.
    So you’re saying Jim Jannard doesn’t qualify? Astounding.
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