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    Has anyone had any experience with polar pro's basecamp matte box system and its ND filters? How do they compare with nd filters like Formatt Hitech Firecrest or schneider rhodium?
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    I got mine in the mail yesterday! First impressions are good however I have not "used" it yet. Nor do I have anything to compare it to.... if you buy it from their site it comes with the 6-9 filter aswell.
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    Please do let us know your impression of the quality.
    It seems like a steal compared to the competition!
    I'd only worry about the proprietary filter tray system that might not work with diffusion filters and the like. Maybe there's a clever work around...
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    They are coming out with their own diffusion filters. And one can be used in combo with their own non-variable NDs. The Variable ND they offer gets its variability from the polarizer in front. So if you put a diffuser where the polarizer goes, then you can't use the Variable ND. Their single NDs are $100 more than the equivalent 4x4 Tokina.

    Has there been any true scientific tests showing if their glass affects color?
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    I just bought one from their website too. It seems like they only have good reviews. I’m looking for an option for at least a 10 stop ND filter. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they offer it
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    It’s good quality however the tightening rod has become bent somehow. It still works and that’s the only drawback, I would suggest you also grab the lws adapter.
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